Keep Open the Doors of Your Heart

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No matter how disheartening the headlines, we can’t lose sight of the fact that we hold the answer to our world’s problems. Our lives and our discourse must always witness to the love of Christ in the world. We are his hands – wounded with nails, yes – but relentless in mercy. 

God believes in you

Our minds have the tendency of honing in on events that rank high on the emotional register. Experiences that arouse powerful emotional responses may be positive or negative; but we’re known to hang on to the negative ones. They get imprinted in our emotional memory and become patterns of thought that are inconsistent with the way life actually is and who we are today. 

Fortunately there’s a more reliable account of who we are than the one our insecurities would tempt us to believe. The Gospel is clear: we are children of God and we are unconditionally loved by God. End of story. 

When life trips our Achilles heel, let’s keep that in mind and walk a little taller, drawing ever  closer to the love that gives us Life.